Common College Thoughts

When you’re getting accepted to colleges and getting senioritis, you start to wonder what college will be like. You start to think “Oh I can’t wait to get to college, it will be (insert thought here)” or along those lines. Well I’m here to tell you if some of the thoughts you may be having are true or false. But just so you know, mostly everything about your college experience depends entirely on you.

Thought 1: “I’m going to party every night when I get to college” This may or may not be true. Now SUU isn’t necessarily a “party school”, but if you look, there are probably parties. You could find a party in an Amish town if you looked hard enough (not that I’m comparing Cedar City to an Amish town). Depends on 1: what your definition of party is, 2: the people you hang out with and 3: whether or not you have to study. If your definition of partying is playing board games with your friends, then you sure can party every night. If the people you hang out with are fun people, then every time you’re with them is a party. If you have a test the next day, I sure hope you choose to study rather than party.

Thought 2: “I’m never going to go to class in college, you don’t have to” This may or may not be true as well. Some teachers, a lot actually, make part of your grade your attendance. A lot of classes you can only miss up to three times without your grade dropping. If your teacher doesn’t require you to go to class, I still recommend going. You’re paying a lot of money to learn, so you might as well go to class and get your money’s worth.

Thought 3: “I’m going to change in college” Whether you’re changing who you are completely, changing your hair color or changing your address, chances are college will change you in some way. Hopefully it will be into a smarter, better person than you were before, but again that depends on you and the choices you make. College is the time where people usually ‘find’ themselves, and changing will most likely be a part of that.

Thought 4: “I can’t wait to move away from my family” You may think this for a while, but you’ll end up missing them, a lot. For some people, they miss them the moment their parents drop them off. For me, I didn’t miss them until after my first semester. At least once in your college career you will miss picking on your siblings and having your mom cook your meals. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things about not living with your family, but you will miss some things. Cherish the moments you have with them now.

Thought 5: “I can’t go to college, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up” That’s what college is for. Your first few years, you’re mostly taking general classes. These are meant to help you realize what you like to do and what you’re good at. They’re there to help you realize what you want to do until retirement. It’s okay to come to college without picking a major. And it’s okay to change your mind. If you think you want to be a doctor in high school, then come to college and realize you would rather be a geologist, that’s okay!

Thought 6: Choose two out of the three: 1. sleep 2. social life 3. studying. K, I know that wasn’t really a thought, but you’ve probably heard it somewhere. My first few years, I didn’t understand this, I thought I juggled them all pretty well. This last year though, I’ve noticed that I’ve been sacrificing more and more sleep. So this mostly depends on you; how social you are, how much sleep you can survive on, and how much you want to study. If you can juggle all three, awesome! If you only choose two, that’s okay. No matter what, you’ll at least get a little of each though.

Thought 7: “I’m going to starve!” False. You will not starve. Hopefully your parents are nice enough to give you food whenever you go home to visit (that’s what I do). If they’re not, we have a Wal-Mart, Smith’s, and a Lin’s. If you can’t cook, we have lots of restaurants. Maybe your roommates will take pity on you and share. If all else fails, I know someone who used to dumpster dive. So you’ll never starve. We also have these cool things called “Starving Student Cards” that you can buy for $20 and it has tons of discounts to places all over town and in St. George. There’s coupons for food and for fun things like renting a movie, going to a movie, going bowling etc.

Well, hopefully these helped a little bit. But as I said before, this is just my opinion. Most of your college experience will depend entirely on you.

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” -Invictus


Hopefully, by now you’ve applied to SUU. Just a reminder that you need to send in your official high school transcripts, your ACT/SAT score and make sure you have paid your application fee as well. All of these need to be turned in by March 1, 2015 if you want to be considered for a scholarship. And trust me, you want a scholarship if you can get one. They help out a ton for your schooling. I’m so glad I have one otherwise I’d be more poor than I all ready am.

Starting the next school year, SUU will also be willing to stack different scholarships you get! I wish they did that my first three years. If you don’t know what that is, if you get more than one scholarship you used to have to pick whatever one you wanted more. Now the school is willing to let you take both of them. So if you get one scholarship for $1,000 a semester, another one for $500 a semester, and maybe another one for $400 a semester, you don’t just have to pick one! You get all of them! So you’d have a total of $1,900 in scholarship money for a semester!

So if I were you, I’d go online and find all the scholarships I fit the requirements for and apply for them. They don’t even have to be super fancy scholarships. I’ve heard of scholarships for redheads, people with blue eyes, smart people, talented people, the list goes on and on. You could probably even find a scholarship for someone who loves Harry Potter. Wouldn’t that be magical? What have you got to lose applying for it? If you don’t get it, you might get another one; if you do, huzzah!

Scholarships do come with certain conditions though. Most of the time you have to be taking a certain amount of credits, have a certain GPA, etc. Now, I’m just taking a guess, but I think for the redhead scholarship, you’ll probably need red hair. So only apply for the scholarships you qualify for. If you don’t have blue eyes, you probably shouldn’t apply for the blue eye scholarship unless you can come up with a good argument why you still deserve it.

Remember to make sure you’ve sent in your official transcripts, your ACT/SAT scores and paid your application fee before March 1, 2015 to qualify for scholarships here at SUU! We want to help you out as much as we can, but we can’t do that if you didn’t send everything in to us. So send us everything we need and start applying for scholarships!!

Leadership Weekend

Are you a natural born leader? Do you like to participate in leadership opportunities? Are you currently in any leadership positions and want to continue doing leadership things in college? Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Then you should come to *drum roll please*….Leadership Weekend!!!

“What is leadership weekend?” you may ask. Well, my friend, it is an overnight event here at SUU. But not just any overnighter, a special one. It is for people who want to do something leadershipy (yes I just made that word up) in college. You come, we party and introduce you to different types of leadership positions we have at the school, you get to voice your opinion in which group to be placed in, we party some more and then you go home. Then a little while after the event, we contact you and let you know which group you made it into. You are the next generation of leaders!

Not so long ago, I was a senior, wanting to have some sort of leadership position at SUU. My sister convinced me to go to leadership weekend. I went and had a blast. I made new friends, got to know SUU a little more, and got a weekend away from my parents ;).

Now, I didn’t get put into the group I wanted, but I decided to try it out. I had a fantastic experience my freshman year that I never would have had if I hadn’t have gone to leadership weekend. After my freshman year though, I decided I wanted to try something else and I interviewed for a different group…and got in!

Moral(s) of my little story: you don’t have to accept the leadership calling if you don’t want it, you can try it out and then try something else if you want, or you can stay in it for as along as you like!

Even if you’re a little bit curious, you might as well come and try it out. What have you got to lose? If it’s not what you expected, you don’t have any commitments to keep. But if it’s awesome (which it obviously will be) you’ll all ready be set on making new friends in college, being involved in college (instead of watching Netflix all day) and guaranteed to have fun.

Here’s the link to find out more information on it and to sign up!

Now, if you’re still thinking about it, let me encourage you with these wise words, “I will lead not follow! I will create, not destroy!”. I learned that saying in elementary school when a college came and gave their pep talk about leadership and not doing drugs. That’s the line that has stuck with me all these years. Be a leader! Don’t be a follower!

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! Welcome back to school! I hope your Christmas break was fantastic, just like mine was. I hope you were able to give your brain the break it deserves so that you’re ready to start school again-I know I did (I may, or may not, have just have watched Netflix for three weeks straight, but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things!).

You want to know one of the best things about coming back to school? Welcome Back Week!welcome back week

“What’s Welcome Back Week?” you might ask. Well, to get students here at SUU excited about being back, SUUSA holds something fun every day the first week of classes. This week’s theme is “Disney”. They have signs all over campus saying what activities are going on, when, and where they are. If you can’t read the sign, each day has a little theme- Monday is Fantasy Land, Tuesday is Adventure Land, etc. Then they have an activity going on that day to go with the theme- Monday was meet Disney characters at Bread and Soup Nite (purposefully spelled wrong), Tuesday is a Jungle Cruise/Animal Interaction and Pirates of the Caribbean, Wednesday is Frontier Land so they’re doing roping and swing dancing that night.


One of the most popular events that SUUSA holds is Casino Night. They usually hold it during Welcome Week in the first semester, and Welcome Back Week in the second semester. People get all dressed up and go play games you’d find in a casino. But instead of money, they have tickets they give out. At the end of the night, after everyone is done gambling, they can win prizes with the tickets that they have. To go with the Disney theme, this Casino Night’s theme is New Orleans Square, which is pretty jazzy if you ask me (pun definitely intended).casino night

These activities are great ways to make new friends, get out of the apartment, and have good clean fun in college. I love Welcome Back Week. Yesterday, they were selling pretzels, popcorn and churros in the Rotunda on a little stand like they’d have at Disneyland. Who doesn’t like a good pretzel stand? The only things missing were giant turkey legs and giant pickles, but maybe they’ll have those one of the other nights.

This is just one example of the fantastic events you can look forward to when you join us here at Southern Utah Univeristy- otherwise known as The Second Happiest Place on Earth -right behind Disneyland :).


I wrote a poem for you about finals. I hope you enjoy it because I took precious study time to write it just for you!

‘Twas the night before finals, and all throughout campus,

all the students were studying, and wanting to cuss.

Their books were sitting on the tables with care,

all in hopes that their grades, teachers would spare.


The students weren’t snuggled all tight in their beds,

they were at the library, busy cramming their heads.

Some students, if they’re lucky little saps,

might have time for a few five minute naps.

Right when some think they are ready to sleep,

they’ll toss and turn all night and maybe even weep.

For they are so stressed about their finals test,

they’ll wake up in the morning without any zest.

Throughout the week, they’ll study and study,

with all of these finals, the mind turns to putty.

But soon tests will be over and students will be happy,

by the end of the week, students might even be sappy.

Good luck with your finals everyone! I know you’ll do great! Just keep on keeping on and here’s a few more finals memes for good luck!




Dead Week

Oh “Dead Week”, how I love you…not.

For those of you who don’t know what “Dead Week” is, it is the week before finals. This is the week where all the stress hits you full force. You would think finals week would be more stressful–not so my friend. This is the week when all your professors give you last minute assignments. Sometimes your finals might be in your class during “Dead Week”, depending on your professor. This week I have had to write papers, give presentations, bring my dinner onto campus so that I didn’t starve whilst studying, sacrifice precious sleep and sacrifice precious Netflix time.

It’s probably not actually as bad as I make it sound. Some students call it “Dead Week” because they have nothing to do. They’re just waiting to take their finals next week. Their teachers have run out of things to do so they either cancel class or give a pointless lecture. When I was a freshman and sophomore, this was what my “Dead Weeks” were like. I don’t remember being stressed at all.

In high school, I had never even heard of dead week. The week before finals all my teachers did was put on “The Office” and have potlucks. But I know some of you in high school are probably stressing out because your finals are coming up so I came up with some funny pictures and motivation for you.

Also there are some perks to “Dead Week”. Like the other day, the school did a showing of “Guardians of the Galaxy” for free! I hadn’t seen it yet so of course I went! It’s was amazing! The school does these movie showings all throughout the year to help students have fun and to give them a little break from studying. Last semester they showed “The Desolation of Smaug” and earlier this year they showed “Maleficent”. I also saw “The Dark Knight Rises” for the first time when the school showed it a few years ago. I’m really hoping next semester they’ll show “Mockingjay” so I don’t have to pay to go see it at the movie theater. Going to see these movies gave me a much needed break from school and they were fun and free! I’m really grateful to the school for doing this for me.

Keep on keeping on! If I can make it through “Dead Week” then you can too! I believe in you!

Red Riot!

This year we’ve started to do something a bit differently. Instead of just regular overnights,  we now have things called Red Riots. Our very first one was last weekend. It was super fun! We did a photo scavenger hunt tour, had Cafe Rio for dinner, had open rec night, had a dance and ate ice cream in a 100 foot gutter.

For the tour we split into groups, and ran around campus taking pictures at certain spots that were on the list. Students got to come up with their own creative ways to make the picture their own.

For open rec night, we went to the school’s gym. They had basketball for us, volleyball, the rock wall, Dance Dance Revolution. It was way fun. Then if you didn’t have fun at open rec, you could go to the dance they had. They hired a DJ and we just partied. Here’s a little video of the dance!

Because who doesn't love a good dance party!? #suuredriot #suuca

A video posted by SUU Community Attaches (@suucommunityattaches) on

During the dance, they put ice cream sundae stuff in a newly bought, clean 100 foot gutter. It was super fun. Here are some pictures of that! IMG_0944 IMG_0946

The next day, we waived application fees for students who wanted to apply, gave away prizes (including a flipping GoPro!) and we had a tailgate then we went to the football game. It was so much fun!

 If you want, you can go on Instagram or Twitter and search for #suuredriot and you can look at pictures seniors posted over the weekend.

There’s one coming up this weekend and it sounds like it’s going to be even more fun! We’re watching a basketball game, we’re having another open rec night, but with karaoke, those giant hamster ball things. I think we’re also doing Minute to Win It. You should definitely sign up!

We have some more next semester so if this weekend doesn’t work, you can come then. Here’s a link to dates for the overnights and you can click on the date you want and sign up for it. It’s only $20!

I hope you can come! It will be way fun and it will help you to see what college life is like. If you can’t come to a Red Riot, you should at least come get a campus tour. You need to come see campus because you’ll fall in love with it and never want to leave! It’s amazing!

I hope to see you soon!